The California Energy Commission is required by Public Resources Code Section 25942 to establish regulations for a statewide HERS Program to certify home energy rating services in California. The goal of the program is to provide reliable information to differentiate the energy efficiency levels among California homes and to guide investment in cost-effective home energy efficiency measures.

HERS tests or HERS verification are required to close out permits for most types of energy upgrades for residential and non-residential construction. We have completed thousands tests in Northern California.

Duct Leakage Test

500 square foot or under – Starting from $300
501 square foot to 1500 square foot – Starting from $400
1501 square foot to 2700 square foot – Starting from $450
Larger than 2700 square foot – Starting from $600

IAQ (Mechanical Ventilation), Kitchen Range Hood Verification

– $200

QII (Quality Insulation Installation)

– Starting from $200 per visit

Air Flow / Fan Watt

– $200

Refrigerant Charge

– $200

Miscellaneous Test (SEER, ERR, duct location, etc.)

– $150

Existing Condition Verification

– Starting from $250 per visit


Blower Door (Building Leakage) Test

1000 square foot or under – Starting from $300
1001 square foot to 3000 square foot – Starting From $450
Large than 3000 square foot – Starting From $550

PLUS any Registry Fee
Up to 50% off if combine with multiple tests.

**Price vary depends on project location and complexity