All New Construction and Alteration projects in California has to comply with California’s building energy code, Title 24 Part 6. Energy compliance may seem like a small portion of a project’s design, but it plays a critical role. Strict energy code is always the project’s benefit, not liability. Appropriate energy designs lead to a better performing building in both energy efficiency and occupant comfort.

With our unique combination of design knowledge and extensive field experience, we can provide our customers with accurate Energy Calculations. Accurate energy calculations paired with intelligent measures makes the entire process seamless for all trades involved. Poor execution during this design phase leads to complicated delays and huge unnecessary costs.


Residential Project:

500 square foot and under – Starting from $250

501 square foot to 2000 square foot – Starting from $360

2001 square foot to 3600 square foot – Starting from $480

Larger than 3600 square foot – Starting from $600


Non-Residential Project

– Starting from $500

**Price vary depends on project location and complexity